What is ProvoCoaching™?

ProvoCoaching™ has been developed by ProvoCoach™, based on years of coaching experience. It is inspired by Frank Farrelly's and Noni Höfner's 'Provocative Therapy'. ProvoCoaching™ provokes changes in your perception and perspective (=lat. provocare). We know that you perform your tasks and shoulder the responsibilities well. We assume that you are not interested in "recipies", because you actually have the skills, the energy and the opportunity to perform well - yet, something is blocking you at the moment. Many age-old believes and immutable doctrines that seem to be carved in stone, restrict your behaviour and hinders you to approach new situations with a fresh mind. Our type of coaching is injected with a lot of humour about the absurdities of business life. It will shatter your dogmas. Once you enhance your perception of daily processes and behaviour, you will also increase your options, and your will to improve the situation. ProvoCoach™ offers ProvoCoaching™ both for individuals and teams.

Methods of ProvoCoaching™

ProvoCoaching™ is no therapy. Our repertoire encompasses a number of methods ranging from systemic personal development techniques to professional communication skills. Turning points are usually exercises, that mobilise exerience learning and thus change habits and attitudes. We look at your situation from a systemic point of view, i.e. your chances, challenges, crises, conflicts etc. It will be examined in the context of your professional interactions - not as personal shortcomings. We will usually start with an active diagnosis, which may include a behaviour or personality test. Together with you, we will develop the process. It often consists of six steps: Goal : Defining targets for the process; Reality : Checking possibilities and risks starting from the current situation; Will : Evaluating potential costs and clarifying motivation; Test : Execution of planned changes or developments; Handle : Reflecting on sucesses and further steps. We also use different kinds of feedback techniques. By provoking and asking you difficult questions, your perceptions will broadened. Further methods of ProvoCoaching™ are:

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