What is mediation?

Mediation is an effective method for handling conflicts. In order to reach consensus in a conflict, the "opponents" are supported by a neutral third party. The mediator focuses on the process of the communication and creating a secure base for exchanging views between the conflicting parties confidentiality. Mediators are not judges - they will not take decisions. They are there to assist conflict partners to reach productive decisions.

When is mediation helpful?

There are situations in business life which lead to disagreements or conflicts, both within and between companies. Different attitudes, values and priorities; communication problems; diverging cultural backgrounds or limited powers of decision-making often end in heated meetings between two or more parties.

ProvoCoach™ assists and coaches you or your staff in all kinds of difficult situations, such as team quarrels, leadership issues, conflict interface, process change, new responsibilites and personal challenges.

The five phases of mediation

Mediation is usually separated into five phases:
1) Settting the framework
2) Collecting information about facts and opinions
3) Negotiating interests and motives
4) Describing alternatives, options and solutions
5) Finding an agreement

Mediation by ProvoCoach™ is based on these phases with the extension of:
6) Supported implementation of results into the business reality
7) Evaluation of the agreement: success, open items and additional issues.

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