Project Management

Projects are undertakings with specifc goals, a time-limit and budget constraints. Thus it is especially important to apply effective management methods. These methods range from planning tools, steering processes, monitoring progress to handling risks and problems.

The demands on the project managers' soft skills are also considerable - not least when acvting in virtual, international teams. The project manager's skills determine the effectiveness of co-operation with sponsors, departments and external suppliers or contractors. The ability to communicate well and to handle conflicts productively as well as the skills to present clearly, secure support for the project and let managers achieve their goals.

In strategically important projects or during crises, ProvoCoach™ offers temporary project leads, until the responsibilities can be re-integrated into the company or area. It may include measures of crisis management, re-positioning of the project in the company's overall priorities, negotiations with suppliers, solving conflicts with stakeholders or the designing of a new project plan.

Coaching for Project Leaders

As a successful project manager you are looking for ways to complement your own business knowledge. You want support, that goes beyond learning tools and methods. You search for a "sparring partner" with enough experience in projects, who can provide some fresh ideas. You would like to discuss issues openly and at eye level.

We support you in project crises and when you meet new challenges. We assist your crisis management and plan the repositioning of your project in the overall priorities of the company or area. We coach you negotiating with suppliers and stakeholders, and we help you applying project management tools.

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